Group Therapy

I run weekly group therapy sessions, which are focused on interpersonal relationship struggles of all kinds. It offers a uniquely supportive and safe environment to share experiences, feel validated and get feedback. Simultaneously, you’ll gain fresh perspectives from those with different struggles. All groups will have a mindfulness based focus, beginning with a short mindfulness meditation. Currently, there are openings in two of my sessions - on Mondays at 6pm ET and on Tuesdays at 12:30pm EST, costing $85/session. 

I believe group therapy can truly be a life changing experience, helping people navigate relationship complications in a positive and powerful way. Many of my patients agree:

  • “Group therapy with Dr. Naomi has been nothing short of amazing! I wanted to go to therapy weekly to help me set intentions and stay on track with my mental wellness, but wasn't sure that I was ready to be one on one every week. My group has been incredible! I like that I am able to share and process things when I need to, but I also pull so much from the other group members' topics. It has been a game changer for me; I never want to miss a week with this amazing group of like-minded individuals who I feel so connected to!”
  • “I love group therapy and now recommend it to all my friends. It’s a great way to connect with other women in similar situations and hear their perspectives and any guidance they recommend. Dr. Naomi does a great job circling it back around with her expertise. I look forward to Monday nights and have enjoyed getting to know the group over time.”
  • “Dr. Naomi's group therapy is so wonderful. I didn't really know what to expect and felt a little anxious on my first day (and maybe even the first couple of sessions). I was nervous about speaking up, about relating to others, about feeling embarrassed, about speaking too much or not enough. Many weeks later, I have only positive things to say. Taking time each week to practice mindfulness and connect to a vulnerable group of people under the masterful expertise of Dr. Naomi has far exceeded my expectations. Even if I come into a session feeling alone, I always leave feeling so connected and light, and having gained so much insight. The group is incredibly supportive, people can always relate to what you are going through (whether directly or indirectly), and Dr. Naomi has the most calming and reassuring presence on top of it all. Dr. Naomi always knows the right questions to ask, the right things to say, and the right guidance to provide. I look forward to the sessions every week and am so fortunate to be a part of this group!”

Of note, the initial commitment is one month ($340) and then, it switches to week-by-week. This fee may be reimbursed using out of network benefits through your insurance. To find out, call your insurance carrier and give them my Tax ID 27-1904979 and CPT code 90853. 

If you’re interested in joining my sessions or have further questions, please email me at [email protected].





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